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About Soulhunter

Have you ever been trying to get in touch with someone you know by sight from your college, your working place or from your favourite venue but you never find the right moment or way of doing it?

Are you just interested in getting to know new people?

Soulhunter allows you to catch up with new people around you avoiding any awkward situation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Soulhunter safe?

A: Soulhunter has been developed to provide a safe experience since you interact with real people (no fake profile photos or bots on validated profiles), your location is never made public to other users and you have always the possibility of filling a complaint about some other user if you wish. In any case, it is always recommended to follow the guidelines in Safety Advice to ensure a safe experience.

Q: Can I be sure the user profiles in Soulhunter are real people?

A: The process of creating a user account in Soulhunter is based on existing social media which will provide information about how likely is that user to be real. On top of that, there is the option of validating one's profile by means of a gesture recognition process. The combination of existing social media with the gesture recognition process yields a robust procedure of user validation.

Q: What are the implications of sharing my Facebook profile?

A: Only the information in your public profile will be available, that is, the information you will share from your Facebook profile will depend on the security settings you have. Essentially, nothing changes with respect your current privacy settings in your social media, it only provides some background info about yourself that will improve your user profile.

Q: How can I remove contacts from my Soul Chest?

A: It is always possible removing some contact from your Soul Chest by clicking on the icon available for that purpose on your contacts profile.

Q: What to do if I feel uncomfortable with some contact in my Soul Chest or if someone is harassing me?

A: If there is any contact in your Soul Chest you do not feel particularly comfortable with, you can always remove this person from your contact list (see previous question). If you feel harassed by anybody, the recommendation is that you remove this user from your Soul Chest after filling a complaint against this user by clicking on the Fill a Complaint icon existing on its profile. Complaints will be reviewed by the System Administrator which will decide about the blocking/deletion of the account of the affected profile.

Q: Can I block some users to chat with me?

A: Yes, when you remove some of your contacts from your Soul Chest there is the possibility of sending them to the Blocked Souls list, once there you will stop being visible to these users when they scan around until you remove them from this Blocked Souls list. That means users in your Blocked Soul list can’t interact with you anymore as long as they are in this list.

Q: Is Soulhunter oriented to flirting or dating?

A: Soulhunter is not specifically oriented to flirting with or dating other users but to meet or get in touch with new people around. It is up to each user to decide what is his/her main interest in knowing new people, as it happens with most social media.

Safety Advice

We have invested a lot of effort in making of Soulhunter a safe environment for our users. Please, take a few minutes to go through these recommendable user practices:

Be sensible when it comes to sharing information

Avoid sharing personal information (such as full name, phone number, email or address) to protect your identity, or any financial information by means of Soulhunter.

Avoid sharing pictures that could be compromising (not only now, think about the future as well) either for you or for somebody else.

Report suspicious users

If you do not feel comfortable with some user in your Soul Chest, our recommendation is that you remove him/her from your Soul Chest by clicking the appropriate button on this user's profile.

There is the possibility of filling a complaint by clicking on the appropriate button on a user's profile in cases like:

  • Suspicious profile pictures
  • Suspicious social media profiles
  • Inappropriate name, pictures or videos
  • Harassment
  • Any other reason

Additional details can be provided to the System Administrator (e.g., user appears to be under the age of 13). All these complaints will be reviewed by the System Administrator and this procedure could derive in the blocking/deletion of the affected user accounts.

Be sensible when it comes to sharing your location

Soulhunter will never make public your location to other users. Soulhunter recommends being particularly careful with sharing one’s location to other users through the chat unless you are completely sure about the background of the person you are interacting with.

Be sensible when meeting in person with other users

In case you decide meeting for the first time some user you only know through Soulhunter, it is just about applying common sense:

  • Always meet him/her in a public place
  • Keep some friend/relative informed about your plans
  • Be sure that you have your phone available
  • Make sure that you can leave at any time should you decide it (e.g. by driving your own vehicle, having public transportation available, etc.)

Supported Devices


Soulhunter is compatible with devices operating at least with iOS 9.0, that means Soulhunter can be installed on an iPhone 4s or more recent devices from Apple.


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